Dollar Store DIY Christmas Snow Globes

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These little DIY Christmas Snow Globes are simple to make and a perfect gift to for kids to give teachers, grandparents, and even friends. This post contains affiliate links.

Teens and tweens can make them without help, but younger kids will need help since they require a glue gun.

Where can you get the supplies to make these DIY Christmas Snow Globes?

You can find just about everything you need at Dollar Tree. You can even order these supplies in bulk on to make several at a time.

What do you need to make these DIY Christmas Snow Globes?

I use the characters from the Christmas Village. On the website, you have to buy the entire village with all the characters. But, in the stores, they have the characters packaged in sets with accessories.

You’ll also need plastic snow globes.

Dollar Tree usually has a couple different versions of fake snow like tiny styrofoam balls and flakes of fake snow. I usually use a combination of both.

When you get supplies, pick up some different ornaments that you can take apart and add something at the the top of the snow globe like glittery bells.

Lastly, you’ll need one or two tiny bottle brush trees in each snow globe. They look so cute all covered in the fake snow.

How do you make DIY Christmas Snow Globes?

These are very easy and take no time at all.

First, remove the plastic globe so all you have the base. Then, decide which little figurines you want to put in the snow globe and position them on the base and hot glue them in place.

Next, flip the globe upside down and add the fake snow. I added way TOO MUCH the first time and had to dump it out. It takes just a couple tablespoons. I found if you add more, the little figurines get totally swallowed up with fake snow.

When you’re satisfied with the snow, then screw the base back on and flip it over.

Now this is totally optional, but I like to add something on top of the snow globe just to make it a bit fancy. I bought some ornaments at the Dollar Tree that had glittery bows and glittery bells and just took those apart. Then, I hot glued just one glittery bell to the top of the globe.

Now your snow globe is done!

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DIY Christmas Snow Globes
Yield: 1 snow globe

DIY Christmas Snow Globes

Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Estimated Cost: $5


  • Glue gun
  • glue sticks


Remove the plastic globe and set aside.

Take 2-3 small figures of the Christmas Village and hot glue them to the inside of the base of globe.

Turn the globe upside down and add about 2-3 tablespoons of the fake snow.

Screw the base back on, while the globe is still upside down. Then, flip it over and check and see if you've added enough or too much fake snow. Add or remove some to your liking.

Add a glittery bell with hot glue to the top of the snow globe.

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