15 BEST things to buy at the Dollar Store!

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I love dollar store shopping.  My favorites are the ones where everything is only a $1.  I usually make a big trip every couple of months to stock up. Surprisingly, these are some of the BEST things to buy at the Dollar Store.

15 Best things to buy at the Dollar Store

It’s a great way to stock up when you’re moving into your first apartment or getting your kid’s dorm room ready or even if you’re just stocking up for home.  These are the must-haves I always stock up on at the dollar store:


soap at the dollar store

They have so many great soaps. They have transparent soaps and scented soaps as well as pump hand soaps.   If you have sensitive skin, Yardley soap is the best, especially the shea butter one or the oatmeal one.  They even have a new one with charcoal if you tend to have acne.  These soaps are way more than  $1 anywhere else, so I usually buy about half a dozen


toothbrushes at the dollar store

I always make sure to keep extra toothbrushes on hand just in case.  Maybe someone spends the night or maybe I need a toothbrush to clean the grout.  You can easily stock up. Often, I can get 2 packs or even 5 packs of travel brushes all for just $1 for the whole pack.

Hair Elastics

Have you seen the prices for hair elastics at the grocery store? That is exactly why I only buy them at the dollar store.  They have both baby and toddler sizes as well as big kid and adult.  Plus, they have so much more like headbands and bobby pins.

Hair Brushes & Combs

hairbrushes and combs at the dollar store

With four girls in our house, we use a lot of hairbrushes and combs.  My girls also tend to walk off with them, and they are never seen again.  I keep hairbrushes everywhere from my purse to the bathroom cabinets.  Plus, the dollar store has a few varieties like ones that are good for tangles.  They also have all kinds of combs from rat tail combs for braiding to detangle combs for the shower.


dishes at the dollar store

This might sound crazy, but some of my favorite dishes have come from the dollar store.  I love my Fiestaware, but surprisingly dollar stores have pretty darn good dishware from plates to bowls to glasses and mugs.

Cleaning Supplies

If you have cookware that doesn’t have non-stick surfaces, steel wool is a necessity.  I’ve found the best price for a pack of steel wool is at the dollar store.  Plus, you can get brooms, mops, dust pans, and so much more at the dollar store for just $1/ea.

Coloring Books

coloring books at the dollar store

My little girls love coloring books, and they are perfect for keeping them busy right about now.  Sometimes you can even find the coloring books that including watercolor paint on the pages.  My girls love those. Sometimes I’ve even found adult coloring books at the dollar store.

You can also usually find the 24-packs of Crayola brand crayons for $1, which is a deal when it’s not back to school season.

Plastic Food Containers

plastic food containers at the dollar store

Did you know you can get 2-pack and 3-pack plastic food containers for just $1 at the dollar store? These are perfect to stock up on to send food home with college kid or send to work with my husband.

First Aid Supplies

One of my favorite products to buy at the Dollar Store is their anti-itch cream.  It has the generic form of Benadryl in it, and it’s the one thing that can make my kids stop itching from mosquito bites. They also have triple antibiotic, which is perfect since I lose it all the time, so we keep a tube everywhere, including the car.  Plus, they have alcohol and peroxide, bandages, hand sanitizer, and more.

Dish Towels

dish towels at the dollar store

Unless you’re right next to an Ikea for their 79 center tea towels, then the dollar store is the next best place.  They have some really cute and fun dish towels.  Plus, you can also get pot holders, too!

Pregnancy Tests

I found out I was pregnant with my last two kids with dollar store pregnancy tests.  I was able to get very early positive tests just 10-12 days post ovulation with these tests.  With the tests $10 or more at drug stores, a $1 pregnancy test is a steal.  When we were trying to get pregnant with our most recent little one, I kept a stack of these in the cabinet for that dreaded two-week wait.

I also used the $1 ovulation tests when we were trying to conceive., and they worked fine  Since it can sometimes be hard to track, I would buy 7-10 ovulation tests at a time so I could track it every day.

Pain Relievers

pain relievers at the dollar store

When a big family like ours gets an illness, we often go through Tylenol and Advil pretty fast.  I often keep extras in the medicine cabinet from the dollar store.  Plus, the bottles are small enough that I can keep these in my purse, too.

Greeting Cards

Who the heck is still paying $5 for a greeting card at Walmart? I love being able to get greeting cards for $1 or even 2 for $1 at the dollar store.  I can stock up on romantic cards for my husband or get cards for all the moms in our families at an affordable price.

Party Supplies

party supplies at the dollar store

These are some of my favorite things to buy at the dollar store.  You can get plates, cups, napkins, plasticware, and even tablecloths all for just $1 in so many colors! As a blogger, these are some of my go-to things at the dollar store.  Plus, they have decorations like streamers and crepe paper and so much more!

I even got these adorable mirrored fancy-looking serving platters that are perfect to look spooky for Halloween or look fancy for a tea party.

Gift Wrapping Supplies

The dollar store is a great place to stock up on gift bags, wrapping paper, gift boxes and even tissue paper for any occasion.  It’s even a better deal at Christmas time when you can often find gift bags are 2 for $1.

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